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    One morning in the winter, I went to school with my bag and found the fog below.

    Oh The fog?! In front of the mountain The grass is green and luxuriant. shy, reluctant to take out the white fog to block. Streets, villages, and pedestrians are shrouded in thick fog, the whole town is the fog of the sea. At first, on the road to see the figure, it was all gray, approached to see the contours of a person. In the street, the car has been raised by the lantern, a flash, and slowly move forward, as if the old man walking night. People walking in the sea of mist, like the fairy The Eight Immortals Crossing the Sea, seem to be Yu Yunduan. While the fog dispersed, while gather together, while rising, while landing. Everywhere is white, everywhere is white, like a fairy and a white horse in the sky, but also like the myth of "water overflows golden hill". The sun in the sky is so small, the color is very light, very light, only a yellow plate.

    In the morning, the fog gradually faded, into a very thin and very thin yarn, in the air floated, sometimes far, sometimes near; sometimes high, sometimes low. This layer of yarn was soon in the hands of the gourd gourd, all gone. Beautiful mountains, tall trees and all the world show their original face. Look, the sun woke up, the sky is smiling to us!

    Fog, you have brought us a change, brings the imagination, brings the joy, brings the colorful scenery.






    The long winter, as spring, all things for light; as the autumn, the maple leaves all over the sky; more than the summer sun shining, passion shoots back. But winter is warm, the winter. The sun slowly shed every drop of every corner, to warm the heart. The light soft and warm, pregnant a trace of life; winter rain dripping sound, into every inch of land, feed each plant life, moisten things silently, is pregnant with life. A winter didn't heartless, winter is just her way to love nature. If the spring is full of vigour, is the recovery of all things then I said in the winter season, breeding season of life, what is the contrast, winter is not great, more love.

    Look, winter girl gave us a gift for a year. The white and flawless six corners seem to fall into the human spirit. Their lithe and petite body, coupled with white clothes, like a crystal butterfly flying in the air. They quickly covered the whole earth with overwhelming force. Everything has been dyed white. At that time, the broad streets were long held by the messengers of winter. They were like a quilt that covered the earth and mother, and benefited the crops in the fields. The overwintering pests already die without the burial ground, and the angel that gently falling like a mother to seed said: "baby, go to sleep now, you will grow better next year". They are like a piece of feather, is entrusted with people's joy and winter girl greeting, wind sends a message to all the people of the winter.

    Dusk of snow, deep cut, if there are countless emotions like, like a raging sea generally, to drown all, there's a uncover kind of hide and seek the feeling. Snowflake shape myriad, glittering and translucent, like the soldiers of the expedition, dressed in silver armor, but also like a piece of white war sails in the voyage...... The scenery in the snow was so magnificent that the sky and the sky looked like one piece of silver. It seemed that the whole world was decorated with silver. After the snow, the continuous snow decorated with the Royal posterity,, powder loading jade puzzle, bright natural color, it is gratifying scene Ruixue harvest. I love snow. I love snow. I love winter better. Winter is the ring of the heart. Winter, although very cold, but it has incomparable warmth and hope.

    There is most looking forward to the Spring Festival, families would have continued to return to the family reunion, everyone congratulating each other, and to express your hopes for the new year. When eating New Year's Eve dinner, grandpa always says some Chinese New Year's sayings and some legends and stories. After eating, grandma will come up with a bag and a bag of red envelopes, we each finished after the red envelope, the face will be filled with a bright smile. Finally, the aunt will be a Spring Festival couplets hanging in front of the door, the joy of the Spring Festival is indescribable. "Thunder Bang" sound can be heard without end, like the general echo echo in my ears, lively atmosphere really is obviously.

    It is beautiful and pure snow, brings the cold, snow and ice is the sublimation of it by force and become winter master; and her unique charm Mei to dominate the entire winter charm; and people with a strong will to overcome the cold, the winter dominated. Who is the master of this winter? The answer is rich. They can be, but they all dominate the winter in different ways.


    I seem to recall best a journey we made by tram one winter night.

    We were going to visit my Granny at Westoe, and I was very excited, because an evening excursion was something quite unheard of for me. It had been raining; the gas lamps lit the gleaming pavements and cobbles with a doubled radiance. The shaking tram wires were sending down showers of white raindrops. Everything in the ram seemed fresh and glittering. The breezy windows sparkled with long zigzags of rain and the passing street lamp flared gorgeously through the panels of blue and yellow and ruby glass. Outside, it was cold and windy, and we could feel the gale buffeting against the side of the tram, making it sway and lurch ore than usual, and throwing the passengers of song, and the fresh, clean, cold sea-wind was blowing right through the upper deck. Above, a high half-moon seemed to be skidding along on its back through piles of black, white-lined rags. It was a wild night, with a sense of magic in the offing. The people in the tram did not like ordinary mortals; a kind of exhilaratinggaietyhadseizedthem,anditseseememed to lighten their bodies and illuminate their faces. At times I was sure we were really flying.




    There are four seasons in a year, each season has different sceneries, and I like winter best when a magnificent view of the snow. Heavy snow in winter, it seems people came to a quiet and tastefully laid out and quiet realm, came to a glistening thoroughly tick the fairy tale world. Loosen the fragrance, the ice snow sweet, give a person a kind of cool YingYing consolation. Everything is in filtration, everything in the sublimation, even my soul also at purification, become pure and beautiful.

    Dusk of snow, deep cut, as if there were, and countless emotions like water, raging, generally can drown everything, there's a uncover the bare CangTouLouWei feels. Snowflakes form myriad, shining brilliantly, like the names of the warrior, be covered with silver of armor, and like pieces of white sails in the war voyage... In a snow scenery magnificent, between heaven and earth, unaware of monochromatic, can only see a silver, as though the whole world with silver to decorate and become. Columns, the continuous snow world, decorated with QiongZhi jade leaf, pink outfit jade and bricks Hao ran monochromatic, was a complete snow scene. Even gratifying I love, I love white snow, I love the winter. Winter is the mind rings. Winter, although very cold, but it has incomparable warmth and hope.


    My favorite is winter all year round. People often say spring, because spring makes its rebirth, the grass becomes green, and flowers to outshine each other. In the summer, the sun began to tingle, in autumn, the weather gets the air crisp, the winter is a cold wind bleak season. But I only love the winter. Although winter is very cold, but I but I like that season. I don't have to in the hot summer sun to bask in the dark, because it is really very ugly. I like the weather in winter, the winter I can bed of heating that made me feel very happy, more let I can sleep on time in winter. Also, I can make a snowman and snowball fights in the snow, I love winter, it brings a lot of happiness. I like all kinds of snowman, my friends and I play together, we enjoy this moment.



    冬眠处 hibernacula

    n.冬至 winter solstice

    n.冬粉 bean thread

    n.冬瓜 Chinese watermelon

    n. 款冬 coltsfoot

    n. 冬节 potlatch

    v. 过冬 overwinter

    不活泼;冬眠 torpidness

    n.冬;冬季 wintertime

    n.冬;冬季 wintertide

    n. 款冬之类 butterbur

    n.忍冬属植物 woodbind

    使成冬天不凝固之油 winterize

    n. 冬季,衰退期 winter

    n. 忍冬,金银花 honeysuckle

    n.动物冬眠的场所 hibernacle

    a. 冬天的,寒冷的 hibernal

    n.冬眠场所;越冬芽 hibernaculum

    a. 多雾的,冬天的 brumous

    n.[植物]美国冬青 dahoon

    n. 冬青属,冬青斛 ilex

    adj.冬天的;冷淡的 winterly

    n. 睡眠,冬眠,潜伏 dormancy

    adj.冬季的;寒冷的 hiemal

    n. 过冬,冬眠,避寒 hibernation

    v. 过冬,冬眠,避寒 hibernate

    n.冬季赛艇运动用的赛艇 frostbiter

    n. 如冬天的寒冷,冷淡 wintriness

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